Henrik Lell NLP tréner és terapeuta

Henrik Lell - International NLP trainer and coach, docent of Paracelsus Institut in Berlin, hypnotherapist, naturopath

Stenger Györgyi, the founder of NLP Academy Hungary about Henrik Lell:

„I have known Henrik for almost 20 years and have been following his developmental path. His vast knowledge and decades of experience have made him a committed developer. He has deep knowledge about the human mind and spiritual processes. His creativity and innovative spirit culminate in I-Coaching workshop. I have the honour to introduce a masterpiece he created!”

Have you ever experienced being overwhelmed by your own emotions and felt unable to get over them?

Effective tools


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a methodology for treating trauma using eye movements. This relatively new highly effective toolkit was first designed for treating problems caused by traumatic experiences.

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Emotional Freedom Technique is widely used for releasing stuck energies of the body by stimulating acupressure points.

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming, The art of communication with ourselves and others. A model for change and as a practical toolkit is widely used both in business trainings, business and life coaching.

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Have you ever experienced that you wer stuck in any area of your life?

What does this program offer you?


Your unconscious limiting beliefs control every step of your life - once you’ve dealt with them, you know it’s a real “never-ending story”. However, if you can gain your unconscious support to do the task, you can enjoy unlimited freedom.

New coaching toolkit

If you’re in the helping profession and you know that every person is different, you know very well what a new technique means to be more effective than ever before. This unique combination is now brought to you by I-Coaching!

New knowledge

Even if you are familiar with one of the tools, you have not yet encountered it in this form. Henrik Lell has been dealing with clients with all sorts of emotional setbacks for more than 20 years. Based on his rich experience, he has elegantly combined the tools in order to achieve greater efficiency.

What else do I need to know about the program?

Application deadline: 22 September, 2024

Participation fee: 385 € + VAT, or the equivalent amount in HUF.

Early bird fee: 320 € + VAT, until 1 September, 2024

If you also apply for Henrik Lell's Belief Transformation workshop, the two workshops together cost EUR 500 + VAT.

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